Saturday, May 29, 2010

Classroom of the future proposal presented to ISD 2142 Board

Article from the Cook News Herald:

ISD 2142, the St. Louis County School District, is one of the most unique districts in these United States. It covers an area larger than many states, including Rhode Island and Delaware. It has a transportation system that would drive many bus companies nuts. The seven enrollment areas comprise seven schools, but that will soon be cut down to four with the new construction approved by district taxpayers last December.
This unique district presents some problems other districts don't have. To handle those problems, ISD 2142 tries to be on the forefront of technology in delivering educational programs to its nearly 2,000 students.
At the regular board meeting of the district held Monday at 5 p.m. in the AlBrook School, the Technology Committee, headed by AlBrook Principal Kristi Berlin and the district's computer guru Markus Hoche, gave a preview of the classrooms of the future which will become commonplace in the new and remodeled schools.
The classrooms of the future will depend on support, new equipment and training. The two technology gurus were wearing a type of microphone that teachers will use. These will make sure everyone in the class hears them. These aren't the microphones that most people know. They use computers, etc. They worked great in the large cafeteria of the AlBrook School. The committee also showed how telephones, smart boards, etc. would be used to give the students the best education that the district can give them. These new classrooms will become the envy of surrounding districts. According to Markus, they can afford to do this, too, under their budget.
Students in 2142 are in for some great times in the future.
Principal Berlin gave an update on what has been happening in the AlBrook School. She reported that the math and reading curriculums are going to be highlighted next year. She reported on Senior Day where seniors are given help in applying to college and for scholarships. AlBrook has 30 graduating seniors and they have been awarded $225,000 in scholarships so far. Eighty percent of the class is going on to college. Also, students going on to college are transferring 30 plus credits to their college from high school classes.
The board accepted a $2,000 donation from the Lahti family for the Orr School Youth Development Community Garden Project.
The cooperative sponsorships for boys hockey with Virginia, MI-B and Orr, cross country for boys and girls with AlBrook and Cotton, and alpine skiing with Virginia, Mesabi East, Tower-Soudan and Eveleth-Gilbert was dissolved. The board then approved cooperative sponsorships for boys and girls cross country with AlBrook, Cherry, Tower-Soudan and Cotton.
Twenty-four probationary teachers and one probationary ECFE (Early Childhood Family Education) teacher were terminated. Most will be hired back for next year.
Tenured teachers Todd Olson .2 FTE, Carolyn Olson .2 FTE, Brian Lamppa 1.0 FTE and Susan Lindmeier .2 FTE were placed on unrequested leaves of absence (ULA).
Four ECFE teachers were placed on ULA. They are usually hired back for next year.
Theresa LaVigne was recalled as a Title I teacher for the 2010-2011 school year.
Michael J. Edwards, a well-respected teacher at AlBrook, had his resignation/retirement approved.
The meeting adjourned at 6:07 p.m.

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