Thursday, June 28, 2012

Does the DFL need a reality check in Congressional District 8?

A good read from for those of you voting.

The DFL's actions suggest that the DFL has written off destinations like Barnum, Bigfork and other parts of the district. Is it because they know that they only control Duluth and the North Shore. The DFL's actions suggest that the DFL understands that their fidelity to the anti-mining, anti-logging environmentalists is hurting them with Iron Range voters.

Chip Cravaack stays in touch with his constituents

Full Article Link Here:

Habitat For Humanity - Volunteer Opportunity

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know we are getting much closer to completing the Myer’s home in Babbitt and we could use some extra help to finish strong.  We have some wood trim that needs stained, varnished and installed, some laminate floor that needs installed, a garage roof that needs re-roofed and some misc. painting.

Could I ask you to organize a small group or encourage individuals to give us a hand?  They can call our office @ 866-749-8910 to find out more information or schedule a time.

Tom Long
Resource Development Manager
North St. Louis County Habitat for Humanity
Cell Phone (218) 750-7391
Phone: (218) 749-8910
Toll Free: (866) 749-8910
Fax: (218) 742-9799

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Who best represents the Range? Conservation Minnesota or the GOP?

Article From True North:

This is a must read if you wish to have a job in Northeast Minnesota. Have a look at who and what is behind the scenes in the politics of Northeast Minnesota.

Conservation Minnesota, Friends of the Boundary Waters Wilderness and the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy are targeting the proposed PolyMet mine near Hoyt Lakes and the proposed Twin Metals mine near Ely.

The bottom line is this: The Rangers can vote for DFL candidates that align themselves with anti-mining special interest groups from the Twin Cities. Otherwise, they can vote for GOP candidates that will vote to improve the economy on the range.

Full Article Here:

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Chip Cravaack & Local Republicans Campaign Hard In Northeast Minnesota - Democrats a No Show

Local Republicans showed up in force to campaign in Babbitt, Minnesota for votes. There wasn't a democrat candidate to be found on June 24th at the Peter Mitchell Days Parade which is very interesting in Northeast Minnesota. The Cravaack supporters definitely made it known that they will support mining here which is good to know. Other Republicans campaigning for votes were local Jim Tuomala and Jennifer Havlick. The Republicans of this area don't appear to be taking any votes for granted and it is good to see they are receptive to the needs of it. Babbitt, Minnesota is located near Ely, Minnesota and both have a rich history in mining and is a way of life in the Northeast of Minnesota.

Peter Mitchell Days Activities


Photos from the band 7even Synz and the Peter Mitchell fireworks. 7even Synz can be found on facebook as well. Nice job with the classic rock! The fireworks were great as usual, nice job Peter Mitchell committee. More photos have been added from the parade as well on Sunday.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Babbitt-Ely Copper-Nickel Mining, Mining Minnesota Fact Sheet

Minnesota is poised to become a global leader in supplying critical and strategic metals, such as copper and nickel, that are essential to our way of life.

Good information about the coming mining projects in Northeast Minnesota.

Fact Sheet Link:

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Copper- Nickel Mining Minnesota: Nickel helps power fuel-efficient Prius c Hybrid

I post this link just to pass on to the green minded environmentalists and everyone else in the world that uses the prius, and computer, cell phones, ipads, ipods …..

The fuel tank and 144-volt nickel-metal hybrid battery pack, which weighs 68 pounds and consists of 120 cells, are placed together beneath the rear seat.

Test Drive – 2012 Toyota Prius C
What do all of these things have in common? Precious metals I believe.

Where can they be mined safely with the new technologies that already exist?

Northeast Minnesota!!!!!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sides being drawn on lawns, billboards in mining debate

Below is a link to another great editorial on the topic from the Ely Echo. This is about jobs, our communities, our schools, and the future livelihood or lack of it in this area. These decisions should be made by the people of Northern Minnesota and not environmental lawyers and activists with personally vested interests.

Now is not the time to sit on our hands and watch the dog and pony show. Let's let the governor know how the people that live here feel about having an opportunity to make Northern Minnesota more successful.

Everyone will benefit from the projects going on in northern Minnesota.

For the full editorial visit the Ely Echo Website:

Monday, June 18, 2012

Court allows AT&T cell tower near BWCA

Article from Minnesota Public Radio:

Reversing a lower court, the Minnesota Court of Appeals says ATT can build a 450-foot cellphone tower with flashing lights that would be visible within parts of the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Little Miss Babbitt and Miss Babbitt 2012

Miss Babbitt 2012 ContestantsIMG_0843IMG_0720IMG_0721IMG_0724IMG_0725

Full Set Link Below:

Photos from the 2012 competition.

Saturday, June 09, 2012

Walleye Whamma 2012 In Babbitt, Minnesota

Photos from the day at the Walleye Whamma fishing contest in Babbitt, Minnesota. It was a very nice weather day with a huge turnout. A great time was had by all with a bunch of prizes being given out at the end of the day. Thanks to all who volunteered their time for this event!!!!

Friday, June 08, 2012

Coach Pitch / Pony League Schedule for 2012

Games are @ 6:00 or after T-Ball and are played near City Hall. There is still room for participation, join while you can! Contact Joe Scherer at the City of Babbitt for more information.

Coach Pitch / Pony League Schedule for 2012  
Games are @ 6:00 or after T-Ball
June 4th________________________________ June 6th
Mt. Iron 1 @ Mt. Iron 2                                                                   Aurora 2 @ Mt. Iron 1
Aurora 1 @ Aurora 2                                                                       Mt. Iron 2 @ Biwabik
Biwabik @ Hoyt Lakes                                                                    Aurora 1 @ Tower
Babbitt @ Tower                                                                              Hoyt Lakes @ Babbitt
June 11th_______________________________ June 13th
Mt. Iron 1 @ Biwabik                                                                       Tower @ Mt. Iron 1
Tower @ Aurora 2                                                                            Biwabik @ Babbitt
Babbitt @ Mt. Iron 2                                                                        Aurora 2 @ Hoyt Lakes
Aurora 1 @ Hoyt Lakes                                                                   Mt. Iron 2 @ Aurora 1 

June 18th                                                                  June 20th
Mt. Iron I @ Babbitt                                                                       Mt. Iron 1 @ Hoyt Lakes
Hoyt Lakes @ Tower                                                                       Babbitt @ Aurora 1
Aurora I (a) Biwabik                                                                        Mt. Iron 2 @ Tower
Aurora 2 @ Mt. Iron 2                                                                     Aurora 2 @ Biwabik
June 25th                                                                    June 27th
Aurora I @ Mt. Iron 1                                                                         Mt. Iron I @ Mt. Iron 2
Mt. Iron 2 @ Hoyt Lakes                                                                    Aurora 1 @ Aurora 2
Babbitt @ Aurora 2                                                                             Biwabik @, Hoyt Lakes
Tower @ Biwabik                                                                                 Babbitt @ Tower 

July 9th                                                                        July 11th
Aurora 2 @ Mt. Iron 1                                                                         Mt. Iron I @ Biwabik
Mt. Iron 2 @ Biwabik                                                                          Tower @, Aurora 2
Aurora I @ Tower                                                                                Babbitt @ Mt. Iron 2
Hoyt Lakes @. Babbitt                                                                        Aurora I @ Hoyt Lakes 

July 16th                                                                     July 18th 

Tower @ Mt Iron                                                                                   Mt. Iron I @ Babbitt
Biwabik @ Babbitt                                                                                 Hoyt Lakes @ Tower
Aurora 2 @ Hoyt Lakes                                                                          Aurora I @ Biwabik 

Mt. Iron 2 @ Aurora 1                                                                         Aurora 2 @  Mt. Iron 2

No games the week of July 4thPlayoffs will be held the week of July 23".

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Pagami Fire Aftermath

Posting from Northeast Range, Minnesota, links to some excellent reporting on the handling of the wildfire.

Friday, June 01, 2012

Zup's Grocery Store Reopens!

Photos from the newly built Zup's Grocery Store in Babbitt, Minnesota which reopened on May 29th, 2012. Ed Zupancich is pleased with the new store and after being able to shop in it, it is very nice indeed. Welcome back Zup's!  We are very glad you are here!

 Slideshow Of Photos From The New Zup's Store Below.