Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Sides being drawn on lawns, billboards in mining debate

Below is a link to another great editorial on the topic from the Ely Echo. This is about jobs, our communities, our schools, and the future livelihood or lack of it in this area. These decisions should be made by the people of Northern Minnesota and not environmental lawyers and activists with personally vested interests.

Now is not the time to sit on our hands and watch the dog and pony show. Let's let the governor know how the people that live here feel about having an opportunity to make Northern Minnesota more successful.

Everyone will benefit from the projects going on in northern Minnesota.

For the full editorial visit the Ely Echo Website:   http://www.elyecho.com/main.asp?SectionID=17&SubSectionID=34&ArticleID=12080&TM=33297.39

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