Sunday, August 22, 2010

County Planning and Zoning votes three ties, then extends 2142 EAW

From The Cook News Herald:

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The St. Louis County Planning and Zoning Commission spent 3-1/2 hours last Thursday listening to testimony on the proposed new North School that ISD 2142 is planning to build. They heard the recommendation of the county's own staff, who said they should not make the district come up with an Environmental Impact Statement, something that could take a year and a half, such as the last one the Planning and Zoning asked for took. Then the board voted 4 to 4 to require an EIS. They then voted 4 to 4 for a 30- to 60-day extension. Then they voted 4 to 4 to not ask for an EIS. 
Meanwhile, a huge crowd filled the Liz Prebich Room in the Northland Office Building. A large number of supporters for the new school, including more than 10 youngsters, came early starting to trickle in at 8:45 a.m. They were all wearing bright yellow T-shirts with "BUILD" on the front and the following on the back:
BUILD Communities
BUILD Confidence
BUILD Opportunities
BUILD Excitement
BUILD Athletics
BUILD Leaders
BUILD Futures
BUILD Dreams
During the meeting, the 10 plus youngsters sat quietly in front of the board listening to the discussion on their educational futures.

Later, a motion was made to deny the EAW and ask for an EIS. This failed 4-4. Then a motion was made asking for a 30- to 60-day extension. That failed 4-4. Then a motion was made to approve the EAW. That failed 4-4. A recess was called while the board consulted legal help.
Fifteen minutes later they came back and the opinion was that since this item had been tied three times, it was automatically passed. Board members then thought they should go with a 60-day extension if the School District would agree. Supt. Rick agreed.
That motion finally passed by a 5-3 margin. The only things that can be brought up at that meeting, which will be held Oct. 14, will be whether Flint Creek dries up and the effect of discharge into it, and storm waters.
Since the EAW wasn't approved, no CUP (Conditional Use Permit) hearing was held.
The meeting finally ended at 1:21 p.m

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