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Sept. 28th, 2010 ISD 2142 School District Babbitt-Embarrass Remodeling Planning Meeting

Meeting Summary/Viewpoint by Bud Herring:

The statement was made that there are needs and wants. There is some room
as to the prioritization of areas needing the most attention dependent upon the planning committee
but much of the money needs to be dedicated towards code
and other needed updates. Comments made on future availability of capital funding
due to less need at the other new and remodeled schools in the district in the near
term which will free up money for the Babbitt-Embarrass and Tower-Soudan buildings. 

The school’s appearance will not be changing much physically from what it was in the past.
New windows are part of the plan. The remodeling that will be done will mainly be on the lower floor
and will consist of updating needed physical and technological improvements to classrooms and building needs.
(See Bond Budget On Powerpoint  .pdf link below)There will be a lot of security enhancements in regards to entrances and camera surveillance.

Less of this "refreshing" will be done on the second floor other than code and heating control requirements.
Nothing will happen to the upper floor in case of later need for its use. This can be done at a later time if needed.
It will be maintained on a ready to use basis however. It will be heated over the winter but at a lower temperature 
as it will be used on a more limited basis.

Shops (automotive,woods,metals/ALI) and the music/arts corridors will be maintained and “refreshed”.
The auditorium will remain open for school and community events.

Questions/Discussions that were brought up:

1) Fire & Emergency access to the building during peak usage times.

2) Traffic Flow issues and parking with school as it is currently set up.

3) Locker Replacement in certain sections of the building. Some were in pretty tough
shape, size an issue particularly on the high school end of the building.

4) Discussion regarding the baseball field, basically it is still under discussion in regards to the schools needs.
The school may still need the property owned between the old Bryant building and golf course yet so no sale
to the city in progress until thoroughly thought out.

5) Size of Flexible Science and Home Economics Labs? Number of learning stations enough?

6) Public Bathroom and changing area for swimming pool for increased use during other events. 
Limited now because of sporting events going on at the same time. Want to increase public use of the swimming pool. 

7) Need for automated lift systems for basketball backboards.

8) Question about the configuration of computer system being used for the educational workstations.

Discussion by Gary Friedlieb towards the end of the meeting that he was happy with the improvements in automation
systems and technology for education but also understanding of the fact that there was only so much money
to go around and that expectations should not become unrealistic. 

For the district PowerPoint presentation click below:

Web Link: Babbitt-Embarrass 2142 School Remodel Presentation: Sept. 28th, 2010,%20MN.%202142%20School%20Presentation%20Sept.%2028,%202010.pdf

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