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ISD #2142 School District News, Dec. 9, 2010

ISD 2142 News, Dec. 9th, 2010

Article from the Cook News Herald:

School Board adopts 'Plan B' for Tower-Soudan School
At a special meeting of the Board of Education of Independent School District 2142, held Tuesday, Nov. 30, the future of the Tower-Soudan School was further sealed when the board voted to adopt Plan B for the Tower-Soudan School. The motion passed 4-2 with Andrew Larson of Tower-Soudan and Gary Rantala of Embarrass casting the dissenting votes. The meeting lasted nine minutes.

Plan B consists of the complete demolition of the 1917 section of the school building (which contains the boiler), the demolition of the second story of the 1935 addition and the demolition of the William E. Noyes Natatorium (swimming pool).
Tim Kotzian was present at the meeting to explain the history of the Multi-Purpose Room, which was built by the City of Tower through an Iron Range Resources and Rehabilitation Board grant and was then deeded to Independent School District 708 (the TowerSoudan School District). He hoped that the Multi-Purpose Room would continue to serve in the same capacity as it is at the present time. He suggested that the formal entry into the school building, following demolition and remodeling, be on the west end of the building, with administrative offices near the entrance.
Troy Swanson, also present at the session, suggested an alternative plan for the remodeling and demolition and asked that the board reconsider its plans for the demolition of the natatorium.

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