Friday, January 21, 2011

ISD 2142 News, Jan. 21, 2011 - It's a GO! Planning & Zoning approves new ISD 2142 North School variance 3-1

Article from the Cook News Herald: Jan. 20, 2011 Article Links Below:!/topic.php?uid=68030627294&topic=27980
Article Summary:

St. Louis County Board Of Adjustment grants variance for the ISD 2142 North School on a 3-1 vote.
Presentations by Johnson Controls: Storm water runoff would be better with the new construction than before.Many supporters and a few opponents spoke during the comment session.
The board finally came to a vote and the variance passed on a 3-1 vote.
The new school is a reality.

Related Article on the Cook News Herald:
State Auditor charges into St. Louis County reorganization fight
Article Summary:

Acting on a complaint, the State Auditor has asked for information on seven items. The district and Johnson Controls are busy answering this request, but this will take time and money. The money will come from taxpayers of ISD 2142 or from the students due to reduced educational opportunities. The Auditor apparently has no power in this matter, but is answering the complaint that was filed that apparently thinks there could be fraud.

Editor's Comment: More of the same from the same people, full article is on the Cook News Herald. Not worth more of a comment.

District News Release Concerning Variance and MPCA Permit: For a copy of the district news release click on the following link:
St. Louis County Board of Adjustment grants variance and MPCA issues wastewater permit,both for ISD 2142’s New North School

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