Friday, April 29, 2011

ISD 2142 News: April 28, 2011

ISD 2142 board supports Q-Comp for 2011-2012, teachers must approve it now.!/topic.php?uid=68030627294&topic=28298

New Facebook sites by school area have been established.

Each site will attempt to be a gathering place to celebrate and inform this region about our new school communities. We hope that these sites will assist in making a connection between the school district and the region community by providing another means of gathering feedback and input from individuals within our 2142 school district and increasingly busy society.

This is still somewhat of a work in progress with sites newly adding membership.If you are interested in being a member of your local school site, please visit your relevant site in the list below. On each page to the right of the page name is a spot where you can like your school page and receive automatic updates when something new to the page is added. If you are interested in becoming more involved (as an administrator), contact the local school page by posting your interest on that page. You should be somewhat active at your area school or just willing to help improve it. We can use the help! Online comments on these sites are always welcome for helping to improve our schools!

Here is the listing of the sites:

Northeast Range Nighthawks:

Northwoods Grizzlies:

South Ridge Panthers:

Tower Soudan Golden Eagles:

Cherry Tigers:

Interested in the New Interactive White Board systems? Visit the Nighthawks page above for more information.

New Photos on the Northwoods contruction project are available at the Grizzlies site above.

The 43 million dollar Northeast Service Cooperative Dark Fiber groundbreaking took place recently. Here comes the fastest fiber optic network in the world to all of our schools in Dist 2142 ! Visit the South Ridge Panthers site above for more information!

Remodel Photos for the Northeast Range School are available here:!/media/set/fbx/?set=a.221077077909070.88880.217832251566886

Remodel Plans for the Tower Elementary are available here:

(*** Please become a member (Like the Page) of your relevant school site for automatic updates ****)

Sign Up For Strategic Facilities Plan Updates From ISD 2142

Student safety in our schools. These postings are available on the ISD 2142 Facebook Site and in some cases your local site:

 Let's do everything we can to prevent unneeded accidents by being proactive in our discussions with our family members.

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