Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We Support Mining! Signs Are Available For Minnesota

If you would like to show your support for responsible mining in Minnesota and the communities, schools, people and the jobs that mining supports you can act now!

Signs are available from the Iron Mining Association of Minnesota. You can contact them here to request a sign.


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Why is this important to Minnesota? 

In Minnesota, the iron mining industry contributes to the local communities, region and state through jobs, production taxes, education programs and scholarships.
Minnesota’s Iron Mining Industry Statistics*
Direct employment 4,215 individuals
Average wage and benefit package $100,000/year
Total hours worked: 8.9 million hours
The region's mines provide the highest paying technical jobs in the region.
Industry vendor employment 13,000 individuals
Iron mining is the main economic engine of the region - making other businesses and jobs possible
Financial impact $3.1 billion/year
Minnesota's mining industry is ranked number one in gross product output - adding more than $3.1 billion annually to the regional economy.
Domestic iron ore production is important to the security of our country.

Production tax $73.1 million payable 2012
Royalty payments $34.3 million payable 2012
$49 million was paid in 2012 to state education programs by Minnesota's mining industry
K – 12 education $36.6 million/year**
University of Minnesota trust funds $12.4 million/year**
*Source: Iron Mining Association of Minnesota, 2012
**Source: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources and Minnesota Department of Revenue, 2012
Looking forward  
$94.1 million in production taxes estimated for 2013 - a $20 million increase. Production taxes are paid in lieu of property taxes. The increase is due to a three year average dropping 2009, which was marked by low production due to recession.
Estimated taxes from 2012 production, payable 2013: $94,100,000
Distribution to Range schools: $15,843,000
LGU's, counties, IRRRB and others: $78,257,000

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