Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Environmentally Responsible Mining In America - Minnesota 8th District Politics

This is an excellent read considering mining in Minnesota and how it relates to the politics of mining and jobs in Minnesota and in particular the 8th District. Environmental extremists such as the "Friends of the Boundary Waters" and Conservation Minnesota would have us believe the world is ending when it is just not the case. Jeff Anderson and Chip Cravaack believe it can be done safely. The article below seems to bear this out.

Environmentally Responsible Mining Operations: The Norm

It is important to emphasize that the sulfide mining operations singled out for discussion in this paper in no way detract from the environmentally responsible operations of the dozens of other metallic mining operations reviewed and, in some cases, visited during this survey. In many instances, the mines not specifically described in this paper display even higher levels of environmental awareness and proaction than those discussed. The vast majority of these mines have been in operation between five and ten years. During their operating periods, many have not exceeded any environmental standards and have maintained sparkling compliance records. Some, while excellent examples of environmentally sensitive operations, have had unexpected, and mostly minor, system upsets causing short-term exceedences of standards for which they were issued regulatory notices. This situation is not atypical for all industries, municipalities, and indeed, even U.S. natural resource regulatory agencies. Without exception, the operators at these sites responded aggressively and effectively to correct the noted problems. In most of these cases, the identified issues created regulatory compliance problems (i.e., an arbitrary standard may have been exceeded) but did not result in significant impairment of environmental resources (e.g. wildlife, air, soil, water, etc.) or jeopardy to public health and safety. 

Full Article:  http://technology.infomine.com/enviromine/publicat/enviroresponse.html

Full Site: http://www.infomine.com/

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