Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Important Of Minnesota Mining

The challenge for this region and state is to continue to educate other individuals as to the reality of current advanced mining technologies and potential economic improvement for this region in addition to a service and tourism based economy. It is an all of the above approach economy. Mining will be done in an environmentally safe and sustainable manner. It will take time and work in many media oulets to educate towards this reality but it can be done at a grassroots level. It is one way to educate beyond the misinformation readily distributed in an organized media campaign by extremist and alarmist groups. We all use the products produced from minerals mining. Common examples of this are the computer, cell phones and motor vehicles among a few. To think that we do not need mining is at best hypocritical. It is a not in my back yard approach by some. We can best oversee environmental stewardship with the multiple checks and regulatory environment that exist already. This often does not occur in other countries so indeed we are being responsible globally by mining here.

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