Thursday, December 22, 2011

Good vote by County Board - Mesabi Daily News: Editorials

Good vote by County Board - Mesabi Daily News: Editorials: What a great showing from the Iron Range on Tuesday in Ely to
help get a majority vote by the St. Louis County Board in support
of nonferrous …

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Jim Tuomala said...

Evidently, the Duluth area commissioners are more afraid of upsetting the "environmental hand" that feeds them than bringing good jobs to the county. In reality, we have been mining and logging up here in northern St. Louis county for over a hundred years and it is still the the most beautiful and cleanest part of the state. All the credit for our current condition belongs to the people who have lived and worked here. Miners, loggers, hunters, trappers all make the best conservationists because they live and benefit from coexisting with the area. The so called " environmental friends" with a cause are in it solely for denial of usage to everyone but their 5%. I have always thought the various "environmental friends" are at best, selfish and dis-informed.