Friday, December 16, 2011

St. Louis County Board support for PolyMet copper mine stalls

St. Louis County Board support for PolyMet copper mine stalls

Article from the Duluth News Tribune: (Summary)

Opponents of the PolyMet copper mine proposed near Hoyt Lakes won what may be a short-lived victory Tuesday when the St. Louis County Board failed to act on a resolution supporting the project.

Commissioner Mike Forsman of Ely vowed to bring a similar resolution to the Committee of the Whole meeting in Ely Dec. 20. Other commissioners said they would work on recrafting the resolution to mitigate some of the concerns raised.

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Anonymous said...

I'm concerned about what looks to be a disconnect between the northern and southern commissioners in St. Louis County. Would we rather allow the socialist political action committees attempting to influence policy succeed? It is indeed comfortable to have that government support check and not have to work for it. If they have their way we will be like the Greece's and Italy's of the world. Broke and complaining even more mightily. I'd rather have a chance to work for a living. You have a opportunity to influence policy on the 20th, take advantage of this or accept your fate.There is a lot more at stake here in this area than mining. I hope the commissioners as a whole are not anti-business in our county.