Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Precious Waters Flotilla Runs Aground In The 8th District Of Minnesota

Aurora Councilor Dave Lislegard and mining supporters converged quickly to meet the Precious Waters Flotilla Group on Friday, Sept. 22. At its first intended launch point, the precious waters flotilla group ran into opposition from those mining supporters in Aurora, Hoyt Lakes and surrounding iron range communities. Four adult anti-mining supporters showed up. It is interesting to note that these anti-mining folks showed up with a car and used a cell phone both of which are made with iron ore and precious metals. One would have to wonder where they believe these objects come from.  Local property owners were not willing to allow this group to trespass their property and local law enforcement was called to enforce this. Many good points of discussion were brought up to consider that should be thought through in a realistic manner. There is quite a bit of that not happening in certain environmental circles.

First Video Here: Mining Supporters In Place To Greet The Precious Waters Flotilla Group.
Law Enforcement in place to keep things civil and prevent trespassing by this group.
Second Video - A Discussion of issues took place which can be viewed here in this video: 


Time For The "Flotilla" To Hit the road and go paddle elsewhere.

Background Article Related to this interaction. Mesabi Daily Article: Mining supporters successfully raised trespassing issue; trip to Twin Cities doesn’t begin in Aurora. http://www.virginiamn.com/news/article_e7652bc0-0529-11e2-b519-0019bb2963f4.html

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